Learn All About SHTF Vehicles Here!

When preparing for the worst there are so many terms out there to be aware of when picking a vehicle. Here’s another SHTF Vehicle. Depending upon what you are prepping for these types of vehicles are worth a look. We found this article that breaks down what to look for in a SHTF Vehicle. We [...]

Get Help From Other Bugout Preppers Here!

In this forum we found it includes information on keeping your bugout vehicle ready at all times. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions of other preppers or share what you’ve been up to in order to help someone else out! Here’s the website link and we hope it really helps you out: http://www.survivalcache.com/forums/showthread.php?1814-Keeping-Your-BOV-Ready-TO-Roll [...]

Bug Out Vehicle – 2012 Suzuki

Looking for a bug out vehicle but don’t want or need it very big? Take a look at this prepper’s choice, a 2012 Suzuki. It was featured in the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show and is just one more option when choosing your own personal bug out vehicle. If you’re looking to buy a [...]

Best Bugout Vehicles

If you’re one of the smart preppers who want to have a reliable and highly-functional bugout vehicle ready to go when SHTF, then you’re at the right place! Bugout Vehicle.com is the #1 resource on the Internet for the latest information on bugout vehicles, which are the best bugout vehicles to choose for your specific [...]

Bug Out Vehicle – Ford Ranger with Camper

This video depicts what this Ford Ranger can do and how it would be an excellent bug out vehicle. The camper attached in the bed of the pickup has a kitchen, eating area, and a bed to sleep in, which makes an excellent place to live for a time if the need arises. Hopefully this [...]

Bug Out Planners Around the World

Regardless of where you live in the world it’s always important to be prepared. This video features a man’s bug out vehicle in the United Kingdom. He did some modifications to his vehicle in order to better serve his purposes to his truck. Hopefully this video will give you some more insights of what can [...]

Bug Out Truck – 1980 Scout

Our latest vehicle that that is one person’s bug out vehicle of choice is a 1980 Scout. He chose this particular vehicle because it is a solid machine and it doesn’t run on any electricity, in case of an electro magnetic pulse. He goes through each portion of the vehicle and also stresses that a [...]