Back to the Future

Best Bugout Vehicles From the Movies!

Bugout vehicles can appear anywhere. Checkout this list of the most awesome bugout vehicles from the movies. Did your favorite make the list? Check out the article to find out! From the article: MOVIE: Back To The Future VEHICLE: 1985 Toyota Pickup SR5 Off-road lights. Sweet brush guard. Lifted. Pretty good gas mileage. What more [...]

Learn How to Organize Your Bugout Gear Here!

In this video we found this prepper shares how he has everything organized so it always stays neat and so that everything has a place. He also goes through all of his gear and shares where he got it in case it works for you too. We hope this video will help you be even [...]

Need More Space to Bug Out? Consider a Trailer!

Depending upon the size of your family you might need more space than the average prepper. If you fit into that category you might consider having a trailer in addition to a vehicle. This is one prepper’s cargo trailer decked out as a bug out trailer. Take a look then decide for yourself! If you’re [...]

Best Bugout Vehicles

If you’re one of the smart preppers who want to have a reliable and highly-functional bugout vehicle ready to go when SHTF, then you’re at the right place! Bugout is the #1 resource on the Internet for the latest information on bugout vehicles, which are the best bugout vehicles to choose for your specific [...]

Bug Out Vehicle – Dodge Ram Megacab Diesel

In this video this prepper takes you through his pickup that he has outfitted to be his bug out vehicle just in case the need for it arises. He has made several modifications to the pickup to better fit his needs. He also shares what future plans he has for the vehicle. We hope this [...]

Another Option for Bug Out Vehicle – Cargo Trailer Stealth Camper

In this most recent video a guy gives you a tour of his trailer that he has outfitted to be apart of his bug out vehicle. He goes through the whole process of what he did to the trailer after he bought it to make it into his bug out trailer. We hope it will [...]