Bug Out Vehicle – 1981 Toyota 4×4

In this video a prepper takes us through his 1981 Toyota 4×4 with a topper on it. He goes into some detail of what specific gear he includes in his bug out vehicle. It looks pretty comfortable in the back. Take a look and decide for yourself! If you’re looking to buy a best bugout [...]

Re-Invent Your Trunk With Bugout In Mind!

Sometimes your bugout vehicle can’t be a pickup or SUV. In that case it’s important to make the most out of what you do have. This prepper shares what he did to his wife’s trunk to ensure that she had the proper supplies to survive is she got stranded away from him. He also goes [...]

Want to Bug Out for the Long Term? Check Out This Idea!

Sometimes a bug out might need to be for long term. If that’s the case or what you’re worried about then check this idea out. It’s a luxury survival home on wheels. It has the ability to sustain 2 full time people and 2 part time people for up to 2 months without loosing any [...]

Best Bugout Vehicles

If you’re one of the smart preppers who want to have a reliable and highly-functional bugout vehicle ready to go when SHTF, then you’re at the right place! Bugout Vehicle.com is the #1 resource on the Internet for the latest information on bugout vehicles, which are the best bugout vehicles to choose for your specific [...]

Not Sure What Kind of Vehicle to Get? Start Here!

This new video shows a guy going through some of the misconceptions of having a bug out vehicle for the purpose of education. He gives examples and reasons on why or why not for vehicles to have for your bug out vehicle. The vehicle you choose for your bug out vehicle is very important and [...]