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When preparing for the worst there are so many terms out there to be aware of when picking a vehicle. Here’s another SHTF Vehicle. Depending upon what you are prepping for these types of vehicles are worth a look. We found this article that breaks down what to look for in a SHTF Vehicle. We hope it helps prepare you for whatever happens.

From the article:

1) Affordable: If I cant even buy it, then everything else matters little. The price of spare parts and repairs should also be within your financial means. This is the Achilles heel of most MOD/military vehicles.

2) Toughness: By this I don’t mean military style or hard use off road, but tougher than the ordinary sedan vehicle. Most light SUVs would fill this role well. The SHTV may be pushed into service for moving around gear, furniture, supplies, etc. More capacity than a basic car would be nice. Besides, during disasters and even due to economic factors, roads may be in far from adequate shape. This I’ve seen it myself very clearly. Well paved roads require more care and maintenance than most people realize. After a year of neglect roads are noticeably worse. After a decade of neglect you really need a truck or SUV unless you want to constantly replace tires, rims and suspension. Yet another point is security. Here I’m talking both about car accidents or having to push your way out of carjack attempts, who may cash against you on purpose so as to force you to stop your vehicle. A more solid vehicle is advice in either case.

3) Reliable: You’d be surprised to see how many fancy SUVs and trucks have a poor track record in terms of reliability. Inform yourself before making any purchase. Japanese cars are among the most reliable. Think Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi. Reads plenty of reviews and talk with your mechanic.

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To read the entire article click here: http://www.themodernsurvivalist.com/archives/2427

Do you know the difference between a bug out vehicle and prepper vehicle? Learn the difference and figure out what kind of vehicle is best for you!

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